Move With Grace: Yoga, Fitness & Juice Bar

Private Classes

Private Yoga Instruction is one of the best ways to address your individual needs and does not have to be a high cost luxury at Move With Grace! Try out a private class at sliding scale rates of $45-$120 per session. Send a message to our class advisor for more information on how to book a private yoga class!

Yoga is traditionally taught one-on-one to personalize the practice. Your teacher will guide you through customized postures, breathing exercises, and much more to help you reach and surpass your goals. Typically, one would do a private class for the following reasons:

  • Yoga therapy for serious injury or emotional trauma
  • Stress/anger management
  • Self consciousness or feeling ‘lost’ in large group classes
  • Increasing knowledge or yoga and healing arts
  • Personalized adjustments & massage
  • Increased physical and mental flexibility and strength
  • Need for self-care
  • Limited mobility, disability or behavioral limitations

If you are interested in a private class with any teacher at your home or at Move With Grace Studio, please email us at